Apr 15, 2013

Black Tie Event Balloons /// Mesa Arizona Balloons

A black tie event with balloons?
You bet balloons can make it classy!

Set off your entrance with a spectacular straight line arch.
Added details of squiggle corner balloons, boas, and beads.
 photo 5df4b40ad4ec7acb82fad082af8926ce_zps0e11e257.jpg
Columns come in all different shapes, heights, textures, and patterns.
They accent dance floors, buffets, or areas that just need sprucing up!
 photo 29fbb80f71dd8c624b8a908914eda6f7_zps684029dd.jpg
double columns = double affect
 photo c44135bb8f48a759a22610a84266a814_zps5d4ee6b9.jpg
Centerpieces: no limit to the imagination! photo 7df1436c4bb80996bc6b5036806c32d9_zpsc0d631cb.jpg
 photo 4809f897ea028c489f25545a01d05bae_zpsccbffa7e.jpg
 photo a6af27366f95a9966a5a9ea96db67ff7_zps0b4b3346.jpg
 photo 2147875aab061603c40f278d18b6c631_zpsa9e9bcaf.jpg
Don't forget to look up!
Decorate that ceiling and set off the whole room!
 photo 5f43dab62b6a2755f7b85e060514a293_zpsd3674361.jpg
 photo 2d9ee075be63e36064da2b724f35e6f9_zpseac3c6d7.jpg
 photo c62c1e58b41e18bb1da5d6e546348778_zps244d67ac.jpg

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