Apr 20, 2013

Baby Boy Shower Balloons: Balloon Flowers /// GIlbert Arizona Balloons

The other month I helped decorate the most darling baby boy shower.
They picked the most darling theme of flowers for a boy.

They asked me to design some balloon flowers and I was so excited!
I think balloon flowers always turn out so cute,
guests get a kick out of it, they create a big statement (and they're not that expensive!)
 photo a27f2022e75e699fc046fd8f58f5ef70_zps4b3c20d6.jpg
I put all colors of blue and green in them.
Some had multiple flower levels with the white petals,
some just a basic one layer.
Some were hip height,
some were shoulder height.
It was like a life size flower garden...of balloons!
They also had lots of other forms of flowers around the room:
real flowers,
silk flowers,
flower shaped cookies,
flower shaped fruit,
it all turned adorable!
 photo 46a5da620ad393005f2b809f4ecf9b35_zpsaa32948a.jpg


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