Dec 4, 2013

Outdoor Balloons /// Mesa, Arizona Balloons

So, you want balloons outdoors?
And you don't want them to pop?
And you don't want them to get tangled and dull looking with the heat and wind?
Well, laytex balloons (the normal rubber type) are not your answer friends!


These beauties are beauties in more than 1 way.
1. They're shiny and beautiful and almost sparkle in the light.
2. They are much more difficult to pop.
3. Wind, heat, cold, constant light etc does not effect them.
4. They're great in all climate conditions.

In other words, if you want some stellar outdoor balloons you don't have to worry one bit about, turn to Mylar balloons!

They are more expensive than your normal laytex balloons, but with the added cost comes your added benefit of a stress free, outdoor, balloon event.
Whatever your budget I'm certain I can find the perfect design to work for your outdoor event, just ask!

Here's a few recent outdoor balloon jobs in the Arizona area!
 photo f4cc1f36c61806d9d07a8bfbb1e6ea45_zps0c6087a9.jpg
 photo ed95805eaec2054db441f01535ff1e4a_zpsc31509ea.jpg
 photo 13c3be513d174838da71f18b55885e9c_zps37e41d90.jpg
 photo 41b1848bdcdd77db9aa172f1575b2fa0_zps26e5a265.jpg
 photo b0aac0028c8abaa6dbfe1017d2e5af3c_zpsf2d906a4.jpg
 photo 72823cf1484bbfc092cb87e151403e75_zpsc1067440.jpg
 photo 17a6bfdad3e7165c410d092e0eb687fc_zpsbfc9ed27.jpg
 photo b96b91f0f614a82fb191d1dfb0d3ea5e_zpsb185f035.jpg