Dec 12, 2015

Creative, Unique Columns

Columns are a great stationary balloon decor that are big, cost effective and SO versatile! Here are a few examples of how the "same" sculpture can be uniquely designed for your specific event.

Dec 11, 2015

Stage Balloon Decor --- Dance Addiction

Balloons decor on stage adds such a wow factor! I wish more performing groups knew what pizazz it would add. From dance, to singing, to piano. Balloons make an events special!
Pearl drop arch shown in these pictures.

Dec 10, 2015

Graduation 2015

What makes a graduation more celebratory than with balloons! Love doing this school's annual graduation's balloons. The school staff and myself have a flow and know how things work with the audience, the field and the stage. I love being able to come year after year to make events special!

You'll see arches, orbs, swags, number sculptures, and columns in all these pictures.

Dec 9, 2015

Colors that start the show

These 36 inch balloons sure make a grand event more grandeur with their size. We had them placed around the room sporadically which pulled the whole room together.
Keeping these balloon columns on a base but start half way up in the air gives your guests an illusion of large floating objects but you the safety of knowing your balloons are securely attached and won't be floating away anytime soon. Plus they are less cost than doing balloons all the way to the floor as a full column.
What an entrance, right?!

Fall Festival

I know fall has passed but I couldn't help and post these beautiful fall colors from an event recently! I love the majestic thickness of this arch with all it's eye popping colors!
A surprise balloon spider on one side.
Adding columns to empty areas makes large events more cohesive and flow from one area to the next.
Night or day, these balloons will be stunning at any event!