About Cherri's Balloons

I love what I do. I'm coming up on 25 years of business and I never tire of doing it, it's art to me and I love it. Balloons are so a unique, doesn't matter your age, your background, or your event, everybody is enchanted, that's why I love what I do.

Everything that I do is personal, large or small, when I walk away from an event, I want everything to be perfect and will do my best to make it that way.

I started this business back when my husband was in law school and after I did my first job, I thought, why not keep doing this, and from there Cherri's Balloons blossomed into what it is today! Instead of milking cows, I raised my 4 sons and 1 daughter under the shadow of my balloon business and they were my best helpers.

I currently live in Gilbert and decorate for the greater Mesa Arizona area. All consultations are personal to me, I can work with any theme, size, or budget. You name it, I've decorated for it, private or corporate events: parties, meetings, wedding, proms, bar and bat mitvahs, conventions, deliveries, and more!

Contact Me:


cell: (480) 600-0258

2112 North Vista Del Sol
Mesa, AZ 85207