Apr 26, 2014

Outdoor balloons round 3 // Phoenix, Arizona Balloons

More outdoor balloons!
November-April means lots of outdoor events for balloons, ooy!
Here is a big twist arch for the entrance to the building, always makes the entrance much more grand.
 photo image_zps4b43a0a7.jpg

 photo image_zpsfeaf7a4d.jpg
Floating orbs with twist balloons coming off.
 photo image_zps43338f2b.jpg
 photo image_zpsc7ab2a23.jpg
And here is a second outdoor event for a groundbreaking.
There's not much bones when it comes to a groundbreaking events so balloons can sure make it feel special in a zippy!
 photo image_zpsb862946e.jpg
a far away view
 photo image_zpse89d3ecd.jpg
the "stage" was made much more exciting by the balloons!
 photo image_zps6afc1845.jpg

Outdoor balloons in Arizona // Mesa, Arizona Balloons

I love working with mylars outside for events.
Mylars don't pop and you'll just love them for your event!

these floating orbs were a big hit on the stage, adding the stars and numbers to each of them really put an extra pizzaz on them.
 photo image_zps8e9aaafd.jpg
Adding an arch to any entrance of an event is a sure way to make a great impression on your crowds.
Young and old alike love to walk under the magic of an arch!
This pearl drop arch (made of mylars), is supported by 2 columns on each side adding more dimension and stability for an outside event
 photo image_zps7684309d.jpg
a close up of the columns, love those big stars.
 photo image_zps5f7bc72b.jpg
I weighted these small balloons clusters so each booth could have their own.
Each business owner loved the fun the balloons added to their booth
 photo image_zps1d2961b6.jpg
 photo image_zps643b8f97.jpg

Christmas Balloons, Parade Balloons // Mesa Arizona Balloons

Here is a Christmas Parade I decorated for.
That float stood out WAY beyond the rest.
It was a "Christmas light parade" so each of the balloon aspects had lights going through it, it turned out spectacular!
 photo image_zpsc98519f3.jpg
lights went all through the wreath
 photo image_zps5e28870a.jpg
 photo image_zpsfb46c14b.jpg
Here is another small Christmas party I decorated for.
This is an example of a pearl drop balloon arch.
It's the least expensive arch option I provide, it's a great bang for your buck!
 photo image_zpsde550e52.jpg
tall balloon centerpieces make it possible for guests to more easily talk to each other but add a great wow factor to the room.
 photo image_zpsc8bc5787.jpg
the balloons were attached to these centerpieces
 photo image_zps88bf1870.jpg
 photo image_zps1f012f07.jpg