Apr 26, 2014

Christmas Balloons, Parade Balloons // Mesa Arizona Balloons

Here is a Christmas Parade I decorated for.
That float stood out WAY beyond the rest.
It was a "Christmas light parade" so each of the balloon aspects had lights going through it, it turned out spectacular!
 photo image_zpsc98519f3.jpg
lights went all through the wreath
 photo image_zps5e28870a.jpg
 photo image_zpsfb46c14b.jpg
Here is another small Christmas party I decorated for.
This is an example of a pearl drop balloon arch.
It's the least expensive arch option I provide, it's a great bang for your buck!
 photo image_zpsde550e52.jpg
tall balloon centerpieces make it possible for guests to more easily talk to each other but add a great wow factor to the room.
 photo image_zpsc8bc5787.jpg
the balloons were attached to these centerpieces
 photo image_zps88bf1870.jpg
 photo image_zps1f012f07.jpg

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