Sep 25, 2011

Wonderland in Paris Prom, Arizona Balloons

So excited to share this one with you!
A few months back I did a Paris in Wonderland themed Prom with balloons,
and it turned out spectacular!

The students couldn't choose between Alice and Wonderland Balloons or Paris Balloons,
so we put the two together and it meshed beautifully!

Here's my favorite part:
the entry arch.
I had so much fun creating this doing something more than the same ol' spiral arch.
How fun, huh?

Next is some of the ceiling we added balloons to the draping to add a little bit more flare,
and flare it was!
Also, the bottom pictures are some of the cute centerpieces, loved them
I also got the chance to collect vintage teapot sets for the occasion, darling and so cute they turned out!
Here's some of the Alice in Wonderland Cards, as little people with balloons!
I love working with big playing cards, people never expect how fun it can turn out.

Lastly, here was a sneak peak of the pre-entry way to the event,
it gave just a little tease to what was inside the ballroom!

I had such a wonderful time decorating this event.
I was able to really let my creativeness go and have fun with it.
Hope to do some more fun events like this!