May 3, 2015

A bouquet delivery is bigger than you think!

Making a memorable birthday gift isn't harder than a simple call or email to me and a small chat! Birthday bouquets have more texture, pizzaz, size, and character to them than you think. I can customize the smallest little details for your special person! You name it, I can do it!

Take these two bouquets for instance, they look like a nice size right? They're 2 different congratulations ones for two cute kids. But when presented to the child...
 THEY'RE HUGE! How fun would it be to receive this fun bouquet as a kid? Even at work!
Kids go crazy over balloons and it's so fun to see their faces when they receive them.
Here's another, Hello Kitty happy birthday, looks nice by itself...
But so much more fun and larger when next to the recipient!

Bouquets range from $x to $xx plus delivery fees which is $x

The two bouquets pictured were $xx and included