Nov 6, 2014

A day at the beach with balloons! // Tempe Arizona Balloons

A twist on simple columns! Adding a few accessories to the top and bottom (in this case beach balls!) adds so much fun to the column. Simple touches make big differences. Let me know your theme and we can figure out something fun just like this!
 photo c1d68e884a70b786874a88dd1a10d149_zpsc86704ea.jpg

 photo 3650c0932b35153b167e079130c6d325_zps078b24a1.jpg

 photo e6766de19a9af2af64208604ab08b927_zps2069c6eb.jpg

 photo a70ba585ef06728f75c7296619bdf7e3_zpsb9047734.jpg

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