Dec 13, 2012

Baby Shower Balloons Gilbert Arizona Balloons

Yet again, I decorated for a sassy baby shower last month which was so much fun!
Not just your normal baby pink, but hot pink with tiger stripes!
This was one fun event!

Baby rattle with a braided handle and balloons inside!
Talk about getting a ship in a bottle, all your guests will be wowed this unique piece.
It's a great big statement piece that goes a long way.
A pink arch? Boring...
A pink arch with tiger stripes?
Now we're talking fun!
 A simple arch with dark pink tiger stripes is my least expensive arch but can do wonders for a boring room.
 Easy centerpieces that aren't in the way of your guests talking!
And lastly, the epitome of baby shower balloons: the gigantic baby bottle.
You'll wow all your guests with this sculpture!
Other fun balloons at the event were pink and tiger orbs hanging up as well as simple baby pacifier.

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